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How should I eat Suhey Peppers?

On everything! Get started with our comprehensive How to Eat Suhey Peppers 101 Guide. 🌶  The peppers pair with almost anything savory i.e. eggs, burgers, brats, sandwiches, pizza, etc, although the most traditional way we’ve always eaten them at family get-togethers is on cheese & crackers.



What kind of heat are these peppers packing? 🔥

The Original Peppers are a few degrees less spicy than most "medium" salsas.  The Hot Peppers are generally the same as or less spicy than most "hot" salsas. The Mild Peppers are safe for people that despise heat of any kind to enjoy, meaning that they pack a big hit of flavor, but no heat whatsoever.

How should I store the peppers after opening?

If you managed not to finish the whole jar, you should store the peppers in the fridge within a few days after opening. The oil will likely coagulate from the refrigeration, so you can just set the jar out and let return to room temp an hour or so before eating again. You can also run the jar under hot tap water to bring the olive oil back to a more liquid consistency. You can definitely eat them straight from the fridge, but we usually prefer the peppers at room temp. 

What’s the shelf life of the peppers?

Unopened jars should last at least 3 years, but the date is set for 2 years on the jar. 

What should I do with the oil in the jar after I finish the peppers?

The exciting answer to this question is that since it’s mostly deliciously olive oil that’s been flavored by the peppers, garlic, and spices, you’re going to want to use it! Make your eggs in it, drizzle it over roast veggies, or a salad! Or sprinkle a little flaky sea salt on top and use as a dipping sauce for crusty white bread. 🤤

How are the peppers made?

Using a top secret process that took our grandma Ginger decades to perfect! But what we can share is that there’s an overnight step where we steep the freshly sliced banana peppers in a carefully selected blend of spices to step up and bring out the flavor. We then pack the peppers in olive oil with a splash of apple cider vinegar with whole garlic cloves placed at both the top and bottom of the jar. And don’t be afraid of eating the garlic! How do you think our family managed to make it this far without being overtaken by vampires? 🧛🏻‍♂️

What’s an appropriate serving size?

Our Dad was raised on these peppers and consumes half a jar a day. Usually on top of whatever he’s having for dinner. He thinks that’s appropriate. 👍🏼


Photo by Paul Suhey of his dinner