How to Eat Suhey Peppers 101

If you're new to Suhey Peppers, you might be wondering how the heck you're supposed to eat these things. 

We too were once new to Suhey Peppers, but were indoctrinated very soon after being weaned off the bottle as to how these peppers are most enjoyably and festively consumed at get-togethers.

Without fail, every time the Suhey's gather for a meal, we start with a simple yet home-run appetizer of peppers atop thick-cut pieces of cheese on crackers. Yes, it ruins our appetites for the main meal, but we laugh about it and the tradition lives on. The type of cheese or cracker doesn't really matter, but we often go with muenster or sharp white cheddar cheese on artisan crackers. 

Peppers, cheese, & crackers could be considered the foundational way to eat Suhey Peppers, and it's easy to move-up the ladder from there. The dish makes for a low-key, easy dinner or picnic snack, and with the addition of some summer sausage, you might not ever cook a real meal ever again.


As a general rule, it's never a bad idea to pair the peppers with something cool and creamy to balance out the heat such as cheese, hummus, or sour cream.  That opens the door to pizza, sandwiches, nachos, quesadillas, baked potatoes... and whatever other inventions you can dream up in the kitchen. Let your hunger be your guide. 

The real question is, what food can't you add Suhey Peppers to?  

Did you read this whole article wondering how to pronounce "Suhey?" It's pronounced the same way it is in "Chop Suey." The "h" is silent, a decorative "h" if you will. ✨