Case Study: Boring Chicken and How I Beat It.

SPOILER ALERT: It's Suhey Peppers! ūüéČ

This story begins with a trip to the grocery store.

There was a mad dash on organic, free range chicken thighs, as they were on sale and there were only a handful of packs left.  I decided to see what the fuss was all about, and plopped a pack into my cart.

When the dinner hour hit, I prided myself on how healthy and easy this meal was going to be. (The keyword "healthy" automatically disqualified my husband from wanting to partake, as his preferential diet contains large quantities of beef and cheese. Sort of like if Macho Man Randy Savage had a diet plan.)

I cut up some sweet potatoes and broccoli, and placed those along with the chicken thighs on a sheet pan together. With a hearty drizzle of olive oil and a heavy-handed shake of salt, pepper, and a lemon herb mix, I popped the pan into the oven to cook.

After about 40 minutes, the kitchen smelled amazing and it was time to eat.  I eagerly cut into the juicy chicken, expecting a bite of salty, flavorful roast chicken.  To my surprise, I was met with the taste of some barnyard funk, with very little flavor other than, well, funk.

Ugh.  I'm not an amazing chef, but I'm also not a total rookie either.  I know the fundamentals of marinating chicken, but for some reason thought that the extra fat in the chicken thighs would make everything ok. 

Crap. So now I have a sheet pan full of this botched, boring chicken that my husband won't touch and I feel too bad to throw away.  Chicken are having a tough go of it at the moment with the Avian flu going around, so even though my bird tastes like the smell inside of a horse's stable, I'm going to have to eat it. All of it.

As fate would have it, I'm a Suhey, so I had a jar of Hot Suhey Peppers already open on the counter and ready to jump off of the sidelines. I smothered the chicken in some beautiful red peppers and scarfed down the rest of my plate.

Have you ever seen those vintage recipe cards from the 60's and 70's? Woof.  I think I know why Grams needed peppers.

I'm Kara Suhey, and my husband (AJ) and I run Suhey Peppers along with my Dad (Paul) and our family friend (Justin.)  It's just the four of us most of the time (my sister Emily is a numbers whiz and also jumps in to help when needed), so you could say we're a pretty small company.